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There are plenty of reasons a car stops dead on the road. There could be mechanical issues or it could be the car simply ran out of gas. Whatever the reason is, you need help and need it fast. Even if the problem is as simple as a dead battery or a flat tire, you cannot afford to be held up. Whether it is late at night, you need to get to work or the weather is miserable and you are stranded, you need a 24 hour towing truck company to help you.

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You should be able to call any time of day and reach a live dispatcher who can help you with any problem surrounding your car not starting. They should be able to help you fix a flat, refuel an empty gas tank and help you jump start, recharge or even replace the car battery. In some instances, you may need to have your ignition key fixed and replaced.

A really great tow truck company will offer roadside assistance. This is done by an experienced automotive technician who can assess what is wrong with your car once at the scene. They can make a diagnosis right there and get the car towed safely to the perfect mechanic so that it can be worked on promptly. If this happens after hours, they can still help and get your vehicle to your designated auto repair shop.

The problem many people have is that they are already stressed and anxious when they go to call for a 24 hour tow truck company. You should have a good recommended company in your cell phones contacts before you need them.

You want to be able to contact the company and get help in about 30 minutes. You do not have time to wait, especially if the weather is bad or it is late at night. You also do not want to have to call, get a tow truck out and find out you are expected to pay a small fortune for the help.

The company you work with should provide all the services listed above and should do so for a great price. When they end the phone call, you should know exactly what you will be paying and you should know your tow truck will be arriving within minutes.

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