Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing Makes for Safe Towing Service

It becomes necessary to engage flatbed towing company when your vehicle breaks down or is in involved in an accident, and needs to be taken to a garage or parking lot for further action. Towing trucks can be used to pull along the damaged vehicle by raising its front, hooking on to it and dragging it to the required location.

It requires the damaged vehicle to roll on its tires and makes the entire combination a risky one. Flatbed towing, on the other hand, raises the damaged vehicle onto a flatbed truck, secures it in place, and then the entire unit is driven to where it is needed.

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The damaged vehicle rests entirely on the flatbed towing service and is not subjected to any push and pull strains that can come to it from conventional towing. This action saves any additional wear on tear on its tires and other parts.

Our method of towing is also very useful for transporting boats or other equipment. You will often see these trucks conveying huge pieces of earth moving equipment to sites where they are required.


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In flatbed towing, the towing vehicle has a ramp that can be lowered onto the ground to enable the damaged vehicle to be quickly raised onto the truck. The operator of the tow truck will position the flatbed ahead of the vehicle that needs to be towed.

A hydraulic system then lowers the ramp on the tow truck and ensures that it is aligned with the front wheels of the vehicle in distress. The flatbed  tow truck also has walls on either side and these act as a guide for the vehicle while it is being pulled onto the truck.

The vehicle being towed needs to be in neutral gear so that its wheels can roll easily. A cable attached to a winch on the tow truck is then engaged to the damaged vehicle and used to pull it onto the ramp and then onto the towing truck. The ramp is then lifted back to its original position.

Once the vehicle is safely on the flatbed wrecker, it is put into gear, and the emergency brake is set on. Extra measures to secure the vehicle may also be taken by tying it down to the truck. Flatbed towing services is the safest way of towing vehicles and ensures that your vehicle quickly gets from Point A to Point B with the least bit of damage.

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